The ritual of the bubbles

The Halo glass is the result of a collaboration between Björksoda and NMASA Design. A glass designed to preserve the finesse of Björksoda's bubbles when serving the beverage and create a visually appealing experience that intensifies the qualities, nuances and flavours of the naturally fermented birch sap.

Javier Masa of NMASA Design tells us himself:

"It all started with Björksoda, an exclusive sparkling drink made from pure naturally fermented birch sap, a precious elixir from the Swedish forest. It stands out for its dry flavour, unique character and crisp bubbles resulting from its double fermentation process. Birch soda is a healthy alternative for those who want to enjoy a glass of non-alcoholic refined bubbles!

Attracted by this sensational product, I fantasised about the idea of designing a glass whose shape would embrace the unique properties of this exclusive sparkling elixir from the Swedish forest. The result is the Halo glass, a delicate object inspired by centuries of European sparkling drinks, Asian ceramics and Scandinavian design."

HALO glass is currently produced on a small scale and to order. Are you or your organisation interested in Halo glass? Contact Javier Masa, at j.masa@nmasadesign.com.

About NMASA Design - Javier Masa

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