Ängabackens Björksoda = Refined birch sap

Ängabackens Björksoda is a new product for Sweden but the drink itself is ancient. The tradition of tapping birch sap is very old in Sweden. However, the knowledge of letting the birch sap ferment into a bubbly, healthy, non-alcoholic drink comes from Eastern Europe.

Birch tapping has always been man's way of utilising the first harvest of the year from nature. Birch sap used to be drunk in the spring when it was considered a very important supplement of vitamins and minerals. The birch was even called the 'poor man's cow' in the old days.

Birch sap consists mostly of the finest water, filtered through the birch's root system and trunk.

It is the other contents of birch sap, including sugars, that allow it to be fermented.

Fermentation has two purposes. Firstly, it preserves the sap by gradually lowering the pH value through the process. Secondly, it develops the flavour and the natural carbonic acid.

" This is how we make Björksoda

The result is a dry, sparkling drink that, with its freshness and genuine flavour, is very suitable as a meal drink, pre-drink or whenever you want to enjoy nature's own bubble - Ängabacken's Björksoda.

If desired, Ängabacken's Björksoda can of course be mixed with, for example, a fine gin or used in cocktails.

Storage: Store the unopened bottle of birch soda at room temperature, or in a cool place.

Serving: The birch soda is naturally carbonated, which means that the bubbles, as in a champagne, are more at a higher temperature and fewer at a very low temperature. Björksodan should therefore not be served directly from the refrigerator, but at about 6-10 C. The bubbles rest a little when the temperature is too low, but come to life if you take the bottle out half an hour before serving.

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We deliver to restaurants and of course also to private individuals. You pay safely and easily by invoice or Swish.

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