Ängabackens Björksoda 2019

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Our first vintage, now aged for four years.

A natural sparkling drink made from pure birch sap in a 75 cl bottle. We who work with Björksoda think that this vintage has become very fine and in every way even better with ageing. The 2019 vintage has fine small bubbles, hints of citrus, lactic notes and a long, bready aftertaste.

Från 209,00 kr

Ängabackens Björksoda 2019. A natural sparkling drink of pure birch sap in a 75 cl bottle.

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In addition to bottles, birch soda is supplied in packs

For companies and restaurants, we are happy to provide a quote tailored to your business. Tell us about your business and we will help you. We deliver boxes of 6 bottles. When ordering larger quantities, we pack 6 bottles per box - easy to carry.

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