How we make Ängabacken's birch soda

Ängabackens Björksoda is a small-scale and artisanal non-alcoholic drink made from pure birch sap produced on a farm in Sonarp, Småland. It is in early spring, when the frost has just left the ground, that the sap rises in the birch tree. We then drop the sap slowly, drop by drop from the birch trees in Ängabacken. The sap is collected in bags that are emptied every morning for further transport to a tank on the farm.

Birch sap has been extracted for generations in Sweden. Its beneficial properties have been talked about since at least the 17th century, but the house cure has certainly been known since ancient times. Birch sap is extracted for a very short period at the onset of winter and was once drunk as a vital vitamin supplement and a long-awaited sign of spring after long and harsh winters. Although birch sap is extracted almost everywhere where birch grows, there are a number of different ways of storing and refining it.

To produce Ängabacken's Björksoda, we use a very old method of processing birch sap, a method that originally came from Eastern Europe. First, we harvest our Småland birch trees on the Sonarp farm during a short but intense period between winter and spring - a harvest period so short that it is over as soon as signs of leaf cracking appear. We then ferment the sap in two rounds, once outside and once inside the bottle. The fermentation inside the bottle makes the juice naturally sparkling.

Ängabacken's Björksoda is stored in an earth cellar for at least one year. The result is a non-alcoholic, dry, softly sparkling drink. With its freshness and genuine flavour, the birch soda goes well with meals, as a welcome bubbly, and can also be used in exclusive cocktails. Birch soda is served chilled but not refrigerator cold, around 6-10 C°. It is unpasteurised and has a natural sediment at the bottom.

Discover nature's own bubble - Ängabackens Björksoda.

Finally harvest time

Slowly but surely, drop by drop, we harvest the sap.

Early morning in Ängabacken, accompanied by intense bird chirping. A very beautiful factory.


A very tricky day. But Leif drives the wheel loader as skilfully as safely and all the pallets remain intact - again.

The bottles are filled and moved into the root cellar.


Summer came and the root cellar was covered with poppies, cornflowers and many other meadow flowers that made the bees in the hive next door very happy.

Finally, towards the end of the summer, we opened a bottle and tested the results of the first vintage of Ängabackens Björksoda.

We taste this year's harvest on an August morning in Ängabacken. When it's time for the next harvest in March, the birches will be bare again.

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