Farm shop at Sonarp farm

In spring 2023 we inaugurated our farm shop, open Wednesday to Sunday. Come by to try the different vintages and buy both birch soda and other products from the Sonarp farm.

On weekends such as Ascension Day and Midsummer, we may have different opening hours and self-service. A bottle of tasting is available in the fridge, you choose both then and all other days whether you want to sit outside and enjoy the surroundings or inside our nice room.

Ängabacken's Björksoda is less than a 10-minute detour from the E4 motorway, 25 km south of Jönköping.

Welcome to stop by!

Regular opening hours
Wednesday: 10:00-18:00
Thursday: 10:00-18:00
Friday: 10:00-18:00
Saturday: 10:00-15:00
Sunday: 12:00-15:00 pm 

In the shop you will often meet Martina Peterson, founder of Ängabackens Björksoda and leader of the production of the drink.

Martina Peterson. Photo: Madeleine Ward
Photo: Madeleine Ward


We are very proud and excited to now also offer a very limited number of the exclusive Björksoda glass Halo, by NMASA Design.

The autumn issue of the international ICON Magazine @iconeye featured Björksodan and the Halo glass on a double page spread. Unbelievable, we had to pinch ourselves!

Read more about HALO glasses 

Photo: Madeleine Ward
Photo: Madeleine Ward
Photo: Madeleine Ward

Events at Ängabackens Björksoda

We can accommodate up to about 25 people, adapt the experience to the changing nature and take bookings all year round. welcome to visit us with your company, group of friends or family. We offer a unique experience and meeting concept with tasting of Björksoda and lunch, dinner or coffee according to your wishes!

Here on the farm in northern Småland, potatoes were once grown by previous generations. Therefore, there was already a large storage room in the barn. This space had not been used for 30 years but could be renovated to become what is now called the tank room for Ängabacken's Björksoda.

Ängabacken is the name of a beautiful pasture located east of the barn. All the birch trees that are dropped in the spring grow here.

The farm also has five chickens and a rooster.

The soil cellar, where Ängabacken's Björksoda is stored in bottles, was built in the spring of 2019 and is located next to the barn.

Below, Ängabacken from above, image taken with a drone by Mattias Bokinge.

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