Thanks to

Warm thanks to the friends of Björksodan in Latvia: Linards Liberts, Gatis Vanags and Eduards Meļakovs.

Leader Västra Småland

The LAG gave the go-ahead for the grant that enabled other funding for the start-up and development of Ängabackens Björksoda. They also supported the development journey in the Destination Ängabackens Björksoda project.

Sonarps Construction and Painting

A very broken space outside the tank room that had not been used for many decades, became our new fantastic premises. What we never thought would be possible, went like a dance with the help of Sonarps Bygg & Måleri AB.

Jonas Melcherson

For the design of the bottle and label in collaboration with Nom Agency. And for the design and production of the website. Jonas is an artist and designer. He paints in oil and does graphic identity, logos, magazine design and websites for companies.

Mattias Bokinge

For the magical pictures of the farm, the bottle and Ängabacken. Started photographing almost 25 years ago. Thrives best in forests and fields. Likes to direct the camera towards birds and animals in the environment but also the large and small landscape.

Holst entreprenad AB

Enock Skogman is the project manager who led the construction of Ängabacken Björksoda's beautiful new root cellar. He found the earth cellar "Jordis" that Dahlgrens cement foundry in Skellefteå could deliver and project managed the major construction work.

Rommenås Wood and Carpentry

Andreas Thorstensson is the carpenter who renovated the new tank room and built the large bottling table that can hold a lot of bottles. He made it all feel feasible as soon as he started. A special thanks also to Andreas Thorstensson's father-in-law Leif Landin who took care of the difficult unloading when all the bottles were delivered.

Lessebo Paper

Thanks to Lessebo for providing the lovely little cap that covers the capsule of Ängabacken's Björksoda, in environmentally friendly premium birch paper.

Lövsjö Loghouse

Thanks to Erik Hjärtfors at Lövsjö Loghouse who, at short notice, helped to produce enormously fine barrels from a birch trunk.

Last but not least, we thank Gabriella Carlson-Lönnroos for organising the Björksodan launch in Stockholm in November 2019.

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